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"A young teen's deep desire for a normal family leads him into a trap set by his brothers.  His journey of innocence is lost when he makes a choice that will change the course of his life forever."

Available Southern Small-Town Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner.

This feature is based on my novel "Seasons Once Upon My Innocence."

Could be expanded made into a sequel or mini-series upon request.

This is complemented by my TV/Pilot script "Seasons" based on my novel.

“An angry and bitter Lawyer believes he is living a Godly life.  Behind closed doors, he is a different man than in the public eye.”

Available True Story Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Based on true events in my life.  This feature is complemented by my short script, "Restoration."

Available for interviews. Could expand to manuscript if requested.

“Growing up the son of a world-famous team roper, Wes dreamed of the day could go on the rodeo circuit. His father becomes bitter towards the rodeo life when he is in jeopardy of losing the ranch. Not wanting the same outcome for his son, James demands Wes give up the rodeo and go to college. Wes is torn between what he knows is God’s will and the will of his earthly father.”

Available Rodeo/ Family / Faith-Based / Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Great potential for a Mini-Series or manuscript upon request.

"A hilarious comedy about a klutzy lawyer, Jim, who decides on a whim to take his family camping at Yellowstone, which is entirely out of his element. He persuades his best friend Josiah and two other families to join them.  Josiah is continuously the brunt of Jim’s failed attempts at everything. The quick wit and clumsiness of Jim and the aggravation of Josiah will keep you laughing."

Available Comedy

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner.

Based on a few actual events. Complemented by my Short Script "Road Trip Anyone?"

Think about Clark Griswold going camping.

"A prominent family is torn apart by a deadly accident.  Sir Andrew turns away from his crippled daughter because he cannot bear the sight of her.  He slips into a depression and turns to alcohol for comfort. Edward, the head butler, does the unthinkable; He contacts Sir Andrew’s estranged sister for help. Lady Amelia and Calina come up with a plan to bring love back into the heart of Andrew.”

Available Christmas Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winning.

I am currently writing the manuscript based on this screenplay.

"A glamourous movie star in the height of her career flees to the mountains of Colorado to find a new life for herself. Days before Christmas, a stranger, and his two children show up on her doorstep. The Magic of Christmas brings her romance and a new family."

Available Christmas Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Coming Soon - Novel based on my screenplay.