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Feature  Screenplays

All Screenplays Copyright Protected and WGA Registered

A young teen's deep desire for a normal family leads him into a trap set by his brothers.  

Think "Dukes of Hazard" gone bad.

Southern Small-Town Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner.

This feature is based on my novel "Seasons Once Upon My Innocence."

Could be expanded made into a sequel or mini-series upon request.

This is complemented by my TV/Pilot script "Seasons" based on my novel.

Hidden abuse of a father/husband.

 True Story Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Based on true events in my life.  This feature is complemented by my short script, "Restoration."

Available for interviews. Could expand to manuscript if requested.

A team roper defies his father to save their ranch.

Rodeo/ Family / Faith-Based / Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Great potential for a Mini-Series or manuscript upon request.

A  klutzy lawyer persuades his Puerto Rican best friend to take his family camping at Yellowstone. 

Think Clark Griswold camping.


Diamond and Multi-Award Winner.

Based on a few actual events. Complemented by my Short Script "Road Trip Anyone?"

Set in Europe. The estranged sister of a prominent family dares to intervene after tragedy strikes.

 Christmas Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winning.

I am currently writing the manuscript based on this screenplay.

Tragedy forces a Hollywood actress to flee.

Christmas Drama

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Coming Soon - Novel based on my screenplay.

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