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TV / Pilot Series Scripts

All Scripts Copyright Protected and WGA Registered

Renegades retake the GSIA after thirty years in exile.

TV/Pilot Series Script / Sci-fi

Diamond and Multi-Award Winning.

A unique twist of the past and present living simultaneously. Leading you to believe it could happen in your lifetime.

Think "Little House on the Praire" in the seventies.

TV/Pilot Series Drama

Platinum and Multi-Award Winner.

Based on my novel series "Seasons Once Upon My Innocence" and "Seasons II Justice is Not for the Weak."

Plenty of material for years of episodes or a mini-series. My feature "Journey of Innocence Lost" is based on a portion of the novel series.

Zoo babies get into mischief after closing.

 TV/Pilot Series Script / Kids Animation

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner.

Kids animated series, fun, and full of life lessons. Potential for specials for Christmas, Boo at the zoo, and trips outside the zoo.

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