TV / Pilot Series Scripts

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“A GSIA team is sent to bring back renegades

of thirty years past. The team turns rebel and bonds with the enemy to seek out the truth behind Dutch Doom’s Exile.”

Available TV/Pilot Series Script / Sci-fi

Diamond and Multi-Award Winning.

A unique twist of the past and present living simultaneously. Leading you to believe it could happen in your lifetime.

"Small town life begins to chip away at the innocence of three young teens."

Available TV/Pilot Series Drama

Platinum and Multi-Award Winner.

Based on my novel series "Seasons Once Upon My Innocence" and "Seasons II Justice is Not for the Weak."

Plenty of material for years of episodes or a mini-series. My feature "Journey of Innocence Lost" is based on a portion of the novel series.

"The young Zoo Brats break out of their enclosures every night and have adventures. When a new crate arrives, their curiosity leads them to learn about a place called the 'Wild.'"

Available TV/Pilot Series Script / Kids Animation

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner.

Kids animated series, fun, and full of life lessons. Potential for specials for Christmas, Boo at the zoo, and trips outside the zoo.