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Short Scripts

A trip to "Hell" reveals your worst fears!

Short Horror/Fantasy

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Coming Soon -

Feature Screenplay

will include this script in its entirety. 

Think "God's Not Dead."

All Scripts Copyright Protected and WGA Registered

Think of the movie "Vacation" (Walley World). Clark Griswold at Yellowstone.

Short Comedy

Gold and Multi-Award Winner

My Feature "The Camping Lawyer" complements this Short.

Think "Vacation" Clark Griswold at Yellowstone.

WWII era. Facing your pride after fifteen years.

 Short Dramedy

Prestigous and Multi-Award Winning

I have a Short Story written. I could expand to a feature or manuscript upon request.

Wild West. You can't escape your outlaw legacy.

 Short Wild West

Platinum and Multi-Award Winner

Could expand to a feature or manuscript upon request.

Think - Jesse James Family.

A lawyer's drive for power causes him to lose everything.

 Short Drama / Faith-Based

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

My feature "Death of a Sinner" based on true events complements this short.

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