Short Scripts

Satan prematurely snatches a NASA Pilot from his accident and takes him straight to HELL. 

Available Short Horror/Fantasy

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Coming Soon -

Feature Screenplay

will include this script in its entirety. 

Think "God's Not Dead."

All Scripts Copyright Protected and WGA Registered

A family and their dog go on vacation to a National Park. After driving all night, they find that the Park Ranger will not allow their dog into the park. 

Available Short Comedy

Gold and Multi-Award Winner

My Feature "The Camping Lawyer" complements this Short.

Think "Vacation" Clark Griswold at Yellowstone.

At the start of WWII, a young woman runs off to join the army as a nurse. The arrogant chief of surgery from the moment he saw her was determined to make her his wife.  

Available Short Dramedy

Prestigous and Multi-Award Winning

I have a Short Story written. I could expand to a feature or manuscript upon request.

A young cowboy escapes his legacy, but for a short time.  

Available Short Wild West

Platinum and Multi-Award Winner

Could expand to a feature or manuscript upon request.

Think - Jesse James Family.

A lawyer’s drive for power and success causes him to lose everything. 

Available Short Drama / Faith-Based

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

My feature "Death of a Sinner" based on true events complements this short.