Short Scripts

"Satan prematurely snatches a NASA Pilot from his accident and takes him straight to HELL. Randy is not only tormented by demons but is shocked at who else shares his fate."

Available Short Horror/Fantasy

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

Coming Soon -

Feature Screenplay

will include this script in its entirety. 

Think "God's Not Dead."

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"An average American family and their dog goes on vacation to a National Park. After driving all night, they arrive late and find that the Park Ranger will not allow their dog into the park without vet papers. Rob goes ballistic and gets himself arrested. Anna, his wife must come up with a plan to save their vacation from utter ruin."

Available Short Comedy

Gold and Multi-Award Winner

My Feature "The Camping Lawyer" complements this Short.

Think "Vacation" Clark Griswold at Yellowstone.

"At the start of WWII, Mary Beth runs off to join the army and be a nurse.  She is stationed at an army hospital in Hawaii.  Dr. Winer, the arrogant chief of surgery from the moment he saw her was determined to make her his wife.  After multiple failed attempts at proposing, Mary Beth left without a goodbye. After fifteen years, Dr. Winer went after her. With the help of a lowly taxi driver and his wife, Dr. Winer figured out where he went wrong in his previous proposals".

Available Short Dramedy

Prestigous and Multi-Award Winning

I have a Short Story written. I could expand to a feature or manuscript upon request.

"A young cowboy escapes his legacy, but for a short time.  Jim manages to keep his identity a secret from his wife and his mentor until an accident reveals a shady family past."

Available Short Wild West

Platinum and Multi-Award Winner

Could expand to a feature or manuscript upon request.

Think - Jesse James Family.

“A lawyer’s drive for power and success causes him to lose everything. But hope hangs in the balance when a Pastor saves him from certain death.”

Available Short Drama / Faith-Based

Diamond and Multi-Award Winner

My feature "Death of a Sinner" based on true events complements this short.