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A New Chapter at the Beach!

Hey everyone!

Super excited to be back! After a few months of re-tooling, I have relocated to South Carolina! I decided, well God decided it was time to make a move. I began my career as an author/screenwriter a few years back. As with anyone, I took a job to help with the bills. My job there soon went from at forty-hour week to a sixty-hour week due to the COVID shortages.

I became restless. That was when I knew God was about to move us. I had no idea where I was going. God said, pack the house it’s time. Well, He sold my home in two days. “Now what?”

Through a chain of events, I landed in Myrtle Beach. He gave me a job that gives me more freedom to write. I now have my home office set up and my computer/beach bag for writing at the beach. I have a few projects in the works and a folder full of new screenplay and book ideas.

I know that God will open the flood gates of opportunities. I would love to hear from you regarding consulting, collaborating, series, books, or any type of work in the industry. I have award-winning screenplays available and I can take your vision and put it into screenplay or book.

Need a fresh new voice? Take a chance and see what I have to offer. I am personable, easy to work with, and dedicated. I am inspired and ready to rock the world!


Lea Ann

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