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A Christmas Story

From Zoo Brats, my Animated TV/Series script.

Christmas Eve at the Zoo, the animals gather in the light of the full moon as they did every year. The mood was somber. Monty, a mischievous little monkey, comes bouncing up with a bag full of goodies flung over his shoulder. “HO, HO, HO…” he stopped when he noticed all the sadness. “What is wrong with guys? It’s Christmas, well, almost.”

Devon, a white tiger cub, replies, “This is the worst year ever! Because of COVID-19, no one came to see us!” Ellie, the elephant, “Besides, we don’t have presents this year.” Petee, the penguin, is investigating Monty’s bag. “Where’d you get presents? Do you know Santa?” Monty snatches the bag, “No peeking! I’m ashamed of all of you!” Petee put out his bottom lip and was about to cry. Monty puts his arm around him. “Look guys, Christmas isn’t about gifts and who came to see you. It’s about us being together.” Devon, “Sammy isn’t here to celebrate with us. It’s just not the same.” Everyone began to tear. Monty jumped up on a rock and wiped his eyes. “I miss him too! But the last thing Sammy would want is for us to stop celebrating Christmas. Let’s get this party started. This one is for you, Sammy!”

Monty jumped down, opened his bag. He gave Ellie a back scratcher made of twigs. “Oh, This is perfect! Now I can reach my back!” Monty handed Petee a beanie made of feathers donated by the birds in the Zoo. “So cool…I mean warm!” They all laugh. Monty grinned and said, “You see, the gifts don’t have too expensive or store-bought to mean so much!”

Devon took off down the path. Ellie yells, “Where are you going?!” Devon looks over his shoulder, “I’ve got gifts to make!” Monty laughs, “Okay then, we all meet back here in a couple of hours.”

By the light of the full moon, animals scatter throughout the Zoo.

Twenty Twenty has been rough for everyone. I want to encourage you to keep the faith. The world is moving into a new season. You can choose whether to move with it and trust that God has a plan. Or you can remain in the past, stay bitter, and unhappy.

I will have two more empty seats at my Christmas table this year. Traditions of years past have ended. There is adversity that will continue into the new year.

Satan will pounce when you are most vulnerable, angry, and tired. I say, “Not today!” You will have to fight harder during the season, be comforted in knowing that God will help you fight your battles. Even the ones against Satan.

If you can’t find happiness, then go and give joy to others. A smile, kind word, or simple gesture makes all the difference. Look for opportunities and notice when God is at work in the simplest of things. Examples would be, I am greeted every morning by cats purring and loving. Let me tell you, for someone who gets up at 3:30 am, it helps. Or when I help one of my co-workers with something to me seems like no big deal, they are appreciative. That is when it’s cool to get and receive a blessing at the same time.

Try an experiment, give some blessings today, and see what you get in return. Perhaps you will put some shock into people. Lol. Try thanking God for things around you all day. The beautiful morning, the fact you didn’t drive to work in the rain or get stuck in traffic. You might be surprised at how much better your day goes. It won’t be an overnight fix. It does take time to heal or get back on your feet. God knows He’s here to help. Just ask.

Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Lea Ann

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