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God's Back Door

I recently went through a situation that many of you have probably experienced. I received some exciting news and a day later disappointment. God opened a door for me, then quickly shut it. I first thought Satan was messing with me. He very well could have been. I began to look past the closed door and think “Why would God do such a thing?”

I prayed over this situation. Something wasn’t right. We have a tendency to stop reading when it says “I am sorry, but . . .” I went back and looked at the correspondence again. I read further and found that I had been given an opportunity to go behind the scenes and still participate in this huge event.

God never closes a door without opening another. I almost missed the blessing. I was so focused on the closed door, I did not see that God was leading me around to the back door.

When you are in a disappointing situation, God could be testing you to see how you react. Will you give up, quit or settle? Be careful you might be missing out on the blessing.

Always check the back door to see if it’s open.

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