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Meet Aubree from "Seasons Once Upon My Innocence"


(Aubree is a fictional character from my book “Seasons Once Upon My Innocence” through the next blog series, you will have the opportunity to get to know her on a personal level. She will take you through the book with the highlights from each chapter and commentary not in the book. Enjoy your interaction with Aubree and send her a message.)

Chapter One "A Quiet Little Town"

My name is Aubree. I live in the small town of Rhinehart in Oklahoma. My day usually starts the same way, a fight with my older brother, Randy, for the bathroom. I bet your family is a lot like mine. My dad, Clyde, is the town banker. He is like the town leader. Then there is my mom, Dolores, she is beautiful, and all my friends love her. She works at my aunt’s grocery store on main street. It’s nineteen seventy and Ida’s grocery is so behind in the times. The check out is an old timey adding machine with a pull handle. My brother and I worked there everyday after school and on the weekends. This store is the hub of the town where everyone goes to gossip. There is nothing that goes on that my Aunt Ida don’t know about.

You’ve heard the phrase “A one horse town,” well Rhinehart is a farm and ranch community. We have lots of horses, lol. But what we do only have one law man and that’s Sheriff Richards, what a character. He and my Aunt Ida are constantly aggravating each other. He was only elected because no one ran against him. He comes into the store every day and gets a soda pop and candy.

It’s amazing how one day the once easy-going community can be turned upside down. The gossip mill was running full force. Word was out that Mildred’s three grandsons were back in town. The oldest two were known to be wild and disruptive. Aunt Ida wanted to know what Sheriff Richards was gonna do about those Casey boys. The problem was, they ain’t done nothin’ yet.

It didn’t take long, the oldest Casey’s, Derek and Dillon in their old faded green truck came flying down the street scaring people and almost running them over. The Sheriff went after them.

The youngest brother, Daniel, wasn’t like his brothers. He was my age and I introduced him around school. He was quiet and embarrassed by his brothers.

Now that you’ve kinda met everyone, we will really get into the meat of the disfunction in this town in the next chapter. We live in the bible belt and tornado alley. It’s gonna get a crazy now!

Until next time.



(Lea Ann)

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