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Meet Aubree "Seasons Once Upon My Innocence" Chapter 2

(Aubree is a fictional character from my book “Seasons Once Upon My Innocence” through the next blog series, you will have the opportunity to get to know her on a personal level. She will take you through the book with the highlights from each chapter and commentary not in the book. Enjoy your interaction with Aubree and send her a message.)

Chapter Two Storm Over Rhinehart

Hello again,

Have you ever been in bed and was woke up startled? I live in tornado alley and you can always tell when it’s not just a thunderstorm. There was a loud crack of thunder! I started counting “One Mississippi … two Mississippi … that’s as far as I got. Everyone was up and we made our way to the cellar. The wind and rain made it hard to find the way. We could hear the tornado sirens go off. Debre kept hitting the steel door. Then it got quiet and still. I was so scared, then it sounded like a freight train was coming over us. I watched the steel door as it vibrated the twister trying to pull it from the hinges. When it was over, my dad tried to open the door. We were trapped, there must have been a tree on the door. My dad and brother worked to break the door loose. When we emerged, I couldn’t believe it!

A truck pulled up loaded with men. They wanted to make sure we were all okay. A tight community is great in times like these. We found out that the pant factory was hit, and people were trapped. We headed into to town to help. It looked like a war zone. They set up a hospital in the school. I was trying to bandage people the best I could.

You remember Daniel, the youngest of the Casey brothers. He came up and was bleeding and in a daze. Come to find out, his grandma was trapped under her house and the older brothers ran off and left them. Figures, they were so heartless! Some men went over and got her out, but she was gonna be laid up awhile. The town was devastated eleven people died that day. One was a good friend. I didn’t understand how God could let this happen. I was angry, I questioned the preacher! I learned a lot about life and death over the next months.

The older Casey’s saw an opportunity to steal and going through the rubble of people’s homes looking for treasure. The Sheriff caught them, but he didn’t arrest them, he put them on what would be like a work release program. Frankly, I think he did it to help Mildred. They only worked when the Sheriff was watchin’.

We had a mass funeral at the gym for the eleven. Wouldn’t you know it, the Casey brothers come speeding by the sheriff took off after them. They wrecked their truck in a ditch. Poor Daniel now has his grandma and both brothers laid up. He had to quit school to take care of them. Well, Aunt Ida was not going to put up with that. Believe me, you do not want Aunt Ida on your back!

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