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The Golden Agent

I have been working on my career for some time now. What I have found is that the entertainment business is tough. Screenwriters and authors are a dime a dozen. All the major players have been bombarded with more submissions and emails that would not get read if they spent twenty-four hours a day for the next ten years reading them.

They depend on others to narrow the field by saying, “No unsolicited submissions.” Meaning they will only accept submissions that have already been reviewed by a professional they trust. I totally understand this concept, as they have probably been burned many times.

With the pandemic, the demand for movies and television is on the rise. Everyone is scrambling to make content fast, on a low budget, with the least amount of shooting locations, actors, and crew. It comes at a cost to the quality, acting, and especially the story. Some think they are playing it safe by sticking to the more of the same. Personally, at the end of the show, I want to say, “I did not see that coming!”

Recently, I watched an actual first responder on YouTube making fun of a first responders television show. The episodes are written in such a hurry that it was not even close to being realistic. It was so ridiculous that the paramedic injected the wrong end of an Epi-pen into the patient, and a single fireman was holding a six-ton steel beam with a narrow rope. There was a time when shows were researched to make sure they were written as accurately as possible. I remember when Tom Hanks spent time with Jim Lovell so he could portray him accurately in Apollo 13. Tom Cruise had intense training with actual Navy pilots so he could portray them with accuracy.

You’re asking what does all that have to do with the “Golden Agent?” The Golden Agent is the one who hustles to find that needle in the haystack. They go on their instincts and not let others with less experience tell them who has talent.

Agents can represent a lot of safe and proven screenwriters. That’s easy, but the Golden Agent only needs one gifted screenwriter with original work to catapult them and their client to the top. It’s like the old saying, “Good cases make good lawyers.” The same goes for agents; good clients make good agents.

If you are a Golden Agent, I would love to talk!


Lea Ann Vandygriff

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